The Gender affairs unit has launched new dress codes regulation  banners and flyers for compliance by students effective immediately.


Speaking during the launch of the Newly introduced dress code banners and flyers, the Head of Gender Affairs Unit, Mrs. Sholah Kojah said " indecent modes of exposure do not reflect the dignity and character moulding nature the college is noted since its existence in 1941"


She further states that " Dressing add value to person's personality because the way you dress is the way you will be addressed".


It has been observed that some male and female students of the college dress indecently on campus, even to lectures. Indecent dresses are either too tight, too short or expose sensitive parts of the body and this should be avoided.


Students should maintain decent appearance in all settings on campus. Wearing of tight, strapless and revealing clothes whose length are above the knees are inappropriate.


Henceforth, male and female students are not allowed to wear the following:


1. All clothes, which reveal sensitive parts of the body such as the bust, chest, belly, upper arms and the buttocks. Example of such dresses are transparent clothing, spaghetti tops, tubes, skirts and dresses with slits above the knees fall in this category.


2. Outfits such as knickers and mini-skirts, dresses, which are not at least, knee length.


3. Inappropriate outfits e.g party-wear, beach wear and bathroom slippers should not be worn to lectures.


4. Outfits such as T-shirts, skirts and jeans, which carry obscene and subliminal messages.


5. Trousers such as hip-riders and low waist .


Staff are also empower to exclude students from academic activities if they are not properly dressed.



Accordingly, Management warned students to desist from any form of indecent dress  and the college will take disciplinary action on those who do not comply with the new dress codes directives.



Umar Dansuleiman II

Head, Information & Protocol

Monday 16th Nov,2020.